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十一选五新疆十一选五:Addressing the international migration of health workers

新疆十一选五组选 www.luhcv.com Over the past decade there has been a 60% rise in the number doctors and nurses who have migrated to work OECD countries. This trend is expected to continue causing a strain on countries where skilled health workers are already in short supply. 

WHO and its partners are helping countries develop solutions to retain health workers, such as  establishing supportive working and living environments, and strengthening opportunities for professional growth.

The WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel is an important global governance instrument in the area. It elaborates ethical norms and standards and seeks to contribute to better understanding and management of health worker migration through improved data, information, and international cooperation. WHO supports countries in implementing the Code and also captures emerging evidence of innovative approaches countries are taking to retain health workers.

WHO, ILO,  and OECD established the International Platform on Health Worker Mobility to advance dialogue, knowledge and cooperation in the area. The Platform facilitates robust policy dialogue and action on health labour mobility through strengthened monitoring, country support, knowledge generation and sharing, and strengthens support to implementation of the Code.

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